About the History of Emotions Blog

Welcome to the History of Emotions Blog, run by the Queen Mary Centre for the History of the Emotions.

This is a collaborative academic blog, edited by Thomas Dixon and others at QMUL, with contributions by scholars, writers, and artists from around the world on all aspects of the historical and contemporary significance of emotions, feelings, and passions.

Posts include book and film reviews, research reports, descriptions of public engagement events, and occasional podcasts and videos. Some of this material relates to a collaborative research project run at the Queen Mary Centre entitled ‘Living With Feeling: Emotional Health in History, Philosophy, and Experience’.

To learn more about the history of emotions and get a flavour of this blog, you could start by reading three posts from 2012 offerings answers to the question ‘What is the history of emotions?; or a round-up of posts from January to July 2016; or the posts relating to the ‘Living With Feeling’ project.