History of Emotions Blog Round-Up: January to July 2016

It’s been a busy year on the history of emotions blog, and readers might have struggled (as I have), to keep up with every post. So here’s a round-up of 2016 so far – about 30 new blog posts – hopefully something for everyone who wants to think and read a bit about emotions over the coming months. Happy Reading! These are listed in chronological order by month of publication:


Jules Evans on ‘Literature and Mental Health’ – an interview with Paula Byrne

Jules Evans, ‘Bowie’s genius versus Eno’s scenius’


Sally Holloway and Jane Mackelworth, ‘Reading Emotions Book Group: Charlotte Dacre’s Zofloya, or The Moor (1806)’

Louis C. Charland, Why Science Needs ‘Passion’

Lucy Allen, ‘Jesus Wept: On Umberto Eco and John Donne’

Una McIlvenna, Review Essay: ‘Shakespeare’s emotional turn’

Jules Evans, ‘Religion and the arts as collective improvisation’ – an interview with Pippa Evans


Anny Gaul, ‘Egypt, Laughter and the History of Emotions’

Jules Evans, Review of Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body by Jo Marchant.

Jules Evans, ‘A 10-day Vipassana retreat taught me the meaning of pain’


Alison Moulds, ‘Representing emotion in the doctor-patient encounter in Victorian medical writing’


Thomas Dixon, ‘Emotions in the wild’ – a conversation with Charles Foster

Jules Evans, ‘Connecting NHS mental health with Islamic ruqyah healing in East London

Chris Millard, “Parity of Esteem for Mental Health”: why we need a critical history

Jules Evans, ‘Why I sing the blues: Emotional healing and Southern ecstasy’

Aleksondra Hultquist, ‘The Literary Form of Emotion’


Ross MacFarlane, ‘Edward Lovett: An emotional collector?’

Sarah Chaney, ‘Emotional talismans: Safety in objects’

Fay Bound Alberti, ‘Bodies, emotions, and Hamlet: Or, why I wrote This Mortal Coil

Sarah Chaney, ‘The Paradox of Objectivity: New Perspectives in Mental Health History’

PODCAST: Geoff Dyer on peak expriences – interview by Jules Evans

Romantic Voices:

  1. Sarah Comyn, Political Economy and the Language of Feeling: Rereading Jane Marcet
  2. Merrilees Roberts, ‘Shame, Affect, and the Literary Self’
  3. Emelia Quinn, ‘The Monstrous Vegan’
  4. Erin Lafford, ‘John Clare’s Address to Health’


VIDEO: Victorian Emotions: BAVS Talks 2016

Sneja Gunew, ‘Decolonising Theories of the Emotions’

Thomas Dixon, ‘What is anger? 1. Martha Nussbaum’

Brexit and emotions:

  1. Markus Wagner and Sofia Vasilopoulou, ‘Emotions and Brexit: How did they affect the result?
  2. Thomas Dixon, ‘Let grief convert to anger’: Bremotional politics 2016
  3. Julie Gottlieb, ‘Post-Referendum Depression’