Can you revive Stoicism in modern life?

This panel was part of an event in November called Stoicism for Everyday Life, which was funded by the AHRC. The videoing of this event was funded by the Centre for the History of the Emotions. I love the philosophical expressions assumed by me and the other participants when we’re not speaking. Very pensive!

One thought on “Can you revive Stoicism in modern life?

  1. A really wonderful debate that discussed so many issues surrounding stoicism and philosophical approaches to modern problems.

    I fully support certain aspects of stoicism but I find that the solitariness of the practice can worsen certain symptoms if one is prone to obsessiveness or anxiety. Learning to observe your behaviour and thoughts is liberating at first as you begin to see why you react in certain ways to situations outside your control. However constant self assessment, if not coupled with an objective view of yourself, can be very damaging. Learning to detach from yourself is very difficult and you may in fact become more critical of your every action or reaction. What’s worse is you may believe you have become detached but really self berating thought patterns have become more ingrained.This is why a community or a mentor of sorts around any sort of belief system is so important. Someone with a little more experience to help you along the way when you’re starting out.

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