Love, Pain, Ecstasy, and Murder: An Emotional Christmas

As 2013 draws to a close, here is a festive offering from the History of Emotions Blog – our twelve most read new posts of 2013 . We wish our readers a happy and restful holiday season, filled with love, enthusiasm, and perhaps even some ecstatic experiences.

Brian Eno on Surrender in Art and Religion
An interview with Jules Evans

Inside Broadmoor
By Jade Shepherd

Five years of Improving Access for Psychological Therapies  (IAPT)
By Jules Evans

Confessions of a Boy Murderer
By Eleanor Betts

Bernd Bösel on the History and Philosophy of Enthusiasm
An interview with Jules Evans

The Many Faces of Emotion
By Stephanie Downes and Stephanie Trigg

Bad Vibrations: The History of the Idea of Music as Pathology
James Kennaway in conversation with Jules Evans.

Psychological Pain and Suicidality – Some Historical Considerations
By Åsa Jansson

The Carnival of Lost Emotions
By Chris Millard
(And you can watch a video of the event too)

Everyday Love and Emotions in the Twentieth Century
By Claire Langhamer

Ann Taves on Religious and Ecstatic Experiences
An interview with Jules Evans

Marry Me, Bosie!
By Thomas Dixon