Philosophical Communities

Thomas Dixon and I are working on an AHRC-funded project called Philosophical Communities, which examines the history and contemporary rise of philosophy groups, clubs and associations. The Independent mentions the project in this piece today on the rise of philosophy clubs, which also mentions the London Philosophy Club, who are loosely affiliated with the Centre.

My book Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations (published this week, by the way, might as well get that in there!) looks at the rise of these philosophical groups, and how people are using ancient philosophies to create modern communities. In the book, for example, I visit the Skeptics annual gathering in Las Vegas – the modern Skeptics aren’t exactly like the ancient Skeptics, they’re more dogmatic than that and more scientific. But they’re a fascinating movement. Here is a short video I made of my time among the Skeptics:

And, while we’re at it, here’s a video of my experience among the Stoics. Not quite so many of them as the Skeptics. Though they do have a good Facebook page.