Blog Round-Up November 16 – January 17

In case you’ve missed any blog posts, here’s a round-up from November 16 to January 17 (you can read previous round-ups too). These are listed in chronological order by month of publication.


Music and Emotions Concert – Part 1 by Helen Stark

Music and Emotions Concert – Part 2 by Helen Stark

Our Museum of the Normal series: Normativity November:

The History of Being Normal by Sarah Chaney

Psychic Driving: Therapy, Mind Control and Programming the Normal by David Saunders

Defining the Archeological Normal by Stacy Hackner

From Tears to Laughter: Normative Emotion and the Man of Feeling

How the Alt-Right Emerged from Men’s Self Help by Jules Evans

The Lingering of the Lost Self. Review: Deborah Lutz’s ‘Relics of Death in Victorian Literature and Culture’ by Tiffany Watt Smith


In our series ‘What is Anger?’

Angers Past or Anger’s Past? by Thomas Dixon

Translating ‘Anger’ in the Sixteenth Century: A response to Thomas Dixon (Kind Of) by Kirk Essary

Farts and Friars, Rebellion and Wrath: A Response to Thomas Dixon by Paul Megna

Do Psychedelics Make the Terminally Ill Believe in the Afterlife? by Jules Evans 

Dumb Witnessing: Good Old Boys and Canine Grief by Margery Masterson

New podcast: the politics of wellbeing, with Richard Layard and William Davies by Jules Evans

January (2017)

New Publications, October-December 2016 by Sarah Chaney

‘Stop Thinking About Death … and Stop Shouting at People’: Psychic Driving at the Museum of the Normal by David Saunders

‘Doleful Groans and Sad Lookes’: Sensing Sickness in Early Modern England by Hannah Newton

James Mallinson, The Sadhu-Academic by Jules Evans