Post-Referendum Depression

Dr Julie V. Gottlieb is Reader in Modern History at the University of Sheffield, and the author of ‘Guilty Women’, Foreign Policy, and Appeasement in Inter-War Britain (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).  In this post, originally published on the University of Sheffield’s ‘History … Continue reading

Why is British law on assisted suicide ‘inadequate and incoherent’?

The Commission on Assisted Dying (COAD) published its report this month, recommending ‘providing the choice of assisted dying for terminally ill people.’ The report’s proposed changes focus specifically and exclusively upon ‘terminal illness’. David Cameron indicated prior to the report’s … Continue reading

Schooling the emotions

After the riots in England earlier this month, emotions and education have loomed large in resulting social commentaries.  One chief constable, Chris Sims of the West Midlands police, said of the Birmingham rioters that they were “not an angry crowd, … Continue reading