Reading Emotions: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Dr Sally Holloway and Jane Mackelworth report on the first meeting of their community book group, exploring love and its history through literature… Our new ‘Reading Emotions’ community book group aims to engage members of the public with the changing nature of … Continue reading

Emotional Objects: Conference Report

Dr Sally Holloway recently completed her PhD on the material culture of romantic love in eighteenth-century England at Royal Holloway, University of London. She was one of the organisers of a recent conference about emotional objects, on which she reports … Continue reading

Feeling Things in Melbourne

Dr Sarah Randles and Dr Stephanie Downes report on a recent event in the Australian ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (CHE). Feeling Things: A Symposium on Objects and Emotions in History The University of Melbourne, 14 March … Continue reading

‘Shag’: A Shagpile Carpet Made from Hair

Dr Bharti Parmar is an artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally for 20 years.  Her PhD, “A Grammar of Sentiment: thinking about sentimental jewellery towards making new art about love and loss” explored the poetics of nineteenth-century museological artefacts.  She … Continue reading

Kleenex tissues and the meaning of ‘epiphylogenesis’

Sipping water or blowing your nose it’s hard not to realise the extent to which our emotions are sustained by commercial products.  Kleenex tissues, in a campaign masterminded by J. Walter Thompson, claim to make possible “the cleansing of the … Continue reading