Reading Emotions: Memoirs of Emma Courtney

Dr Sally Holloway and Jane Mackelworth report on the second meeting of their community book group, exploring love and its history through literature… The second meeting of our ‘Reading Emotions’ book group focused on Mary Hays’ semi-autobiographical novel Memoirs of Emma Courtney, published … Continue reading

Watery Offerings: Women and Water in the Middle Ages  

Hetta Howes is writing a PhD at Queen Mary, University of London on the subject of water and religious imagery in medieval devotional texts by and for women. She was one of the contributors to the ‘Vessels of Tears’ event on … Continue reading

Evangelical Emotions and Constance Maynard

Angharad Eyre is  currently working on a PhD thesis on the impact of the female missionary on religious women and their writing through the nineteenth century. She was one of the speakers at the one-day conference on Constance Maynard hosted by … Continue reading