The Objects of Our Affection

This is a guest post by Melissa Dickson, a Postdoctoral Researcher on Diseases of Modern Life: Nineteenth-Century Perspectives, an ERC funded project based at St Anne’s College, Oxford, investigating nineteenth-century cultural, literary, and medical understandings of stress, overwork, and other … Continue reading

Force-feeding suffragettes: Violation or medical care?

Dr Juan M. Zaragoza is a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Centre for the History of the Emotions, Queen Mary University of London. Here he writes about his current research into the material culture of medical care and the … Continue reading

The stuff emotions are made of

I was teaching an undergraduate seminar this afternoon on Oscar Wilde and Catholicism. We discussed Wilde’s statement that ‘Those who see any difference between soul and body have neither.’ Wilde’s fascination with the sensual materiality of Catholic rituals, especially the … Continue reading