Reading Darwin’s Expression

Psychology texts all name Darwin as a founder, yet hail only one concept: natural selection. None seems to know that his books represent a distinctive approach to understanding all forms of agency. This post examines how Darwin’s psychology shaped his … Continue reading

Autism, Neurodiversity and the ‘Neurotypicals’

Bonnie Evans is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Queen Mary Centre for the History of the Emotions. Her book, The Metamorphosis of Autism: A History of Child Development in England, was recently published by Manchester University Press. This blog post … Continue reading

The history of the stiff upper lip. Part 3

Today, for me, promises to be emotional. This afternoon I’m giving a talk on ‘The Logic of the Moist Eye: Tears and Psychology in the Twentieth Century’ at a history of psychology symposium in London organised by the British Psychological … Continue reading