History of Emotions Blog Round-Up: July-October 2016

After the summer lull, the start of term is always a busy time. In case you’ve missed any blog posts, here’s our second round-up of 2016 (the first was in July). These are listed in chronological order by month of publication.


Helen Stark, ‘Which Three Words Mean Emotional Health to You?’

Evelien Lemmens, ‘”What is Emotional Health?” workshop launches Living with Feeling project at Queen Mary’

Marie Louise Herzfeld Schild, ‘Painting Emotions in Music: Conjoining medical and aesthetic knowledge in 18th century German music aesthetics’


Sarah Chaney, ‘New Publications, January-June 2016’

Richard Ashcroft, ‘The Future of Emotions and Emotional Utopias: Notes at the Beginning of a Project’

Eva Yampolsky, ‘The pathology of suicide: between insanity and morality’

Chris Millard, ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy’

Eleanor Betts, review of Kate Summerscale’s The Wicked Boy

Disgust Week – curated by Richard Firth-Godbehere and Sarah Chaney

  1. Guenter B. Risse, ‘Gut Reactions: Fear and Disgust in Public Health History’
  2. Martha Nussbaum, Extract from Hiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame and the Law, ‘Disgust and the Jury: “Horrible and Inhuman” Homicides; Beldotti’s Disgust
  3. Benedict S. Robinson, ‘Disgust: The Very Word’
  4. Natalie Eschenbaum, ‘Attractive Aversion in the Study of Seventeenth-Century Poetry’
  5. Mark Bradley, ‘Diagnosing Deviance: aversion, obscenity and the senses in classical antiquity’
  6. Daniel Kelly, ‘The Deep, Modern, and Extremely Recent Histories of Disgust’
  7. Richard Firth-Godbehere, ‘The Two Dogmas of Disgust’


Melissa Dickson, ‘The Objects of Our Affection’

Richard Firth-Godbehere, ‘Taster Post: Cry Me A Driver: Why Computers Fail At Detecting Emotions’

Thomas Dixon, ‘What is anger? 2. Jean Briggs’

Brid Phillips, ‘“O well-painted passion!”: Colour and Emotions in Shakespeare’s Othello’

Dave Saunders, ‘Meet our PhD Students – David Saunders’

Evelien Lemmens, ‘Meet our PhD Students – Evelien Lemmens’

Edgar Gerrard Hughes – ‘Meet our PhD Students – Edgar Gerrard Hughes’

Helen Stark, ‘”What is Emotional Health?” workshop summary’

Sarah Chaney, ‘The Hopes and Fears of Being Human’


Helen Stark, ‘Carnival of Lost Emotions at Boundary Fun Palace’

Sarah Chaney, New Publications, July – September 2016′